Friday, November 17, 2006

Christmas Pictures

So the other day, my wife and I went down to this thing at the library where the Calloway County Humane Society was taking Christmas Pictures of people and their pets as a fund raiser. We took our dog down there thinking we would at least get some cards out of the deal to send to all the relatives. Well, we just got them back yesterday.

I could be described as 'less that satisfied' with how I might have turned out in the photo, and I suppose I could have shared the picture with you. As you can see from the previous post, I am capable of uploading an image. But believe me, gentle reader, I spare your delicate sensibilities by leaving it to your imagination, at least with regards as to where my own participation lies.

Few people I know would describe me as a vain man. But I must confess that the full extent of my current creeping baldness has some how eluded me until now. That is, until I got that Christmas picture back. The first thing I thought when I saw it was "Oh, my Gosh, I have turned into one big forehead!" So I ended up dwelling on this a little bit. I actually got out the wife's hand mirror so I could take a good look at the top of my head. Flash back to high school and those early Rush albums that I haven't heard in years: "I think I'm Going Bald". Then on top of this issue of the exposure of my scalp to ever increasing sunlight, I've noticed that my winter beard is suddenly awash with gray hair that wasn't there the last time I had one.

Not like I was depressed or anything, but the next night I say to my wife something about my ever increasing forehead. She says something about what she didn't like about herself in the picture. Then she says to me "But you know as much as you don't like that about you and I don't like that about me, the only thing anybody else that I showed that picture to said was 'You both look so happy'".

Like an epiphany I was immediately hit with the realization that 1) I was being very, very shallow, 2) bare scalp or not, I am still a very, very, lucky man, and 3) my wife is a wise, wise, woman.

Well, a lot of the time she is, anyway. She did marry me after all.



Blogger grimsaburger said...

I have been waaaaay behind in reading your blog(s), I admit, but I had to post an "awwww..." comment on this one, and also affirm that your wife is a very wise woman. Now if I can only get T to acknowledge the same about his wife...

10:46 AM  

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