Friday, October 27, 2006

I had no idea I wanted to DESTROY OUR COUNTRY

An obviously maladjusted person recently sent the Courier-Journal what might be the most paranoid editorial letter to have ever broken from this far from reality. I have come to expect the typical "Democrats want to kill babies, take our guns, and promote the gay agenda" letters during the election seasons, but 'Destroy our country' takes the cake.

If you want to erase the borders of our country, vote Democrat.

If you want our soldiers who died in Iraq to have died in vain, then vote Democrat. If you want to fight the terrorists in our country, cities and streets, then vote Democrat.

If you want to have a socialistic country, then vote Democrat. If you want to lose everything you have worked for, then vote Democrat.

If you want to be forced to worship a foreign God, then vote Democrat. If you want to lose all the freedoms we have, that Americans have fought and died for, then vote Democrat.

Face it, the Democrats want to destroy our country.

[A Clueless Republican Tool]

Louisville 40272
I could hardly take it. This guy is crazier than that Sonny Bardin guy in the Paducah Sun. I had to reply:
Wow, that Darrell Carlisle is one paranoid, tinfoil hat wearing, koolaid drinking psycho. I think I will write a paranoid rant in response:

If you want to have all your civil liberties stripped from you in the name of keeping you safe, vote Republican. Trust us, if your not doing anything wrong, there is nothing to worry about,

If you want a fundamentalist theocracy implemented in the United States, vote Republican.

If you want industrial poluters to not bear any responsibility for damaging the environment or be free from any and all nonvoluntary oversight, vote Republican.

If you want the blood of our patriots spilled for people who kill their own daughters after they are raped (Google: "honor killings"), while the mastermind of the biggest domestic attack of the last century walks free, vote Republican.

If you want leaders who say they oppose illegal immigration but really encourage it so businesses can avoid paying American citizen's a decent wage, vote Republican.

If you want social security gutted, vote Republican.

Face it, Republicans are out to destroy this country. And get rich trying.

That was fun. Its so much easier to write editorials when you don't have to stay grounded in reality. But personally, I would rather talk about real issues, there are enough of those to go around without having to invent some boogey man who is going to make you "worship a foreign God".
I don't know why I bothered. But I figured it needed saying.



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