Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Does Whitfield Support Illegal Immigrants or is Geoff Davis a Liar?

I usually find Mark Nicholas' blog The Blugrass Report kind of boring. It's usually involved with political issues and politicians that I don't care about. But I did find this post particularly interesting. It's election time, there is lots of mudslinging, but one of the great things about the whole blogosphere is how hypocrisies contained in the 30 second attack ads can be exposed. I welcome that on both sides, and have this naive dream that perhaps it might lead to greater honesty during election time.

Anyway, Geoff Davis accuses his opponent Ken Lucas of voting for "food stamps for illegal aliens." This in regards to a piece of legislation called house bill 367. The hypocrisy comes in that plenty of Republicans voted for it too, including Kentucky First Congressional District's own Ed Whitfield. So I sent my congressman this little note:

Dear Sir,
Having just seen Geoff Davis' latest campaign ad in which he distorts Ken Lucas' vote for House Bill 367 as "tax dollars for illegal aliens", a bill that you also voted for, I am writing to you for clarification. Is Geoff Davis a liar or did you vote to give tax dollars to illegal immigrants?
I am eagerly awaiting his response and will surely post it if/when I get it.



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