Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Response to a Letter from a Republican Tool

Todays Courier Journal had a reader letter from another "When a Republican gets caught doing what a Democrat does..." letter. I had to post this in the forums:

I have been very amused of late of those on the right complaining about how when a Republican is caught doing something wrong he resigns and the Democrat who did the same thing stays in office. I take from it all that Republicans must be pretty incompetent if they can't beat a guy who leaves a girl in a car to drown, or has sex with a 17 year old like Studds did in 1983(?) or have your boyfriend run a gay prostitution ring like Frank did.

I mean for gosh sakes they have THAT to work with and they can't beat these guys? Is it because the 'Liberal Media', is aligned with the Democrats and ignore Pulitzer worthy stories because they would rather advance some secular-fundamentalist agenda? Is it because those particular Congress critters represent enclaves of crazed degenerate Liberals who want to destroy America? Is it because the sodomites who make up most of the Democratic party tolerate deviancy more than the upstanding, righteous and chaste tea-totalers who make up the GOP?

That's the story I would stick with, and, oh yeah, the Democrats set Foley up. Whatever, I hope the tinfoil hat fits. I think a lot of partisans out there need to realize most Americans are aware that, as I believe Strom Thurmond once said, "There is not a dime's bit of difference" between the two. When they get up to the Hill, Republican or Democrat, they start caring more and more about the people who buy those $500 plates at their fundraising luncheons and less and less about the people pulling the levers that got them there. I would just as soon send every dang one of them packing this November.



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