Thursday, May 29, 2008

Stupid Statement of the Day

I've been saving this up all day. As if some of the voter interviews from the Democratic primary weren't enough to make West Virginia look bad enough, along comes West Virginia Racing Association President John Cavacini.

West Virginia's Department of Health and Human Resources is working on a plan that garnish the winnings of casino gamblers who owe child support.

"A person could actually come to the casino, purchase $2,000 worth of chips, cash out $1,000 worth of chips, and it would look like he won $1,000. But the truth is, he lost $1,000. There's no system in place that would compute winning and losing."

What makes this so incredibly stupid is who gives a shit? Take the fucking deadbeat's money and give it to the kids that the deadbeat is not man enough to support. Maybe this will keep skumbag deadbeats out of fucking casinos that they have no damn right to be in the first place! Impound the frigging car they drove to the casino with!


Anonymous Mrs. Micah said...

I agree. If it gives the government a way to make people pay the money they should be paying, then who gives a rat's if it's taken from their "own" money or from lucky money. Why not impound the chips the second they're purchased? (Except I suppose that would lower the odds of getting anything.)

2:58 PM  

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