Thursday, February 14, 2008

S.T.A.R.D.O.M.B.*, Part Deux

I have found that the biggest trouble with debating politics with rednecks is how they have that savant-level mastery in the fine art of completely missing the point. In response to yesterday's post on the Murray Ledger board, I got this response:

Since you think Obama is qualified because he has 4 years in the US Senate and 8 in the IL senate, I wasn't sure what he was in in the IL government. I guess because I never heard his name till he run for the US Senate. Anyway, wouldn't that make McCain more qualified since he's been in the US Senate longer. I'm not crazy about McCain but not being liberal, I will have to vote for him. Obama is the most liberal voting person in congress.


The great thing about a moderated message board is that it forces me to be more tactful than I might be otherwise. Restraint and tact were what I was going for in this reply:
Jay, the point was in comparing political experience. If I had thought longer about, I could have said Eisenhower, who never held a political office at all before becoming President, although Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in WW2 would count as some major experience in my book.

I never said length of political career was a good indication of anything. But if you actually feel that way, you would have to concede Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd were more "qualified" than John McCain, something I'm sure your are not willing to do, and neither would I. I guess if Fox news says the Obama is the most liberal member of Congress it might be true.

However I have noticed that particular label seems to follow whoever is the biggest threat to the Republicans at the time. In 2004 it was John Kerry, then it was Hillary, now its Obama, and what I find insulting is that they actually expect us to believe it when there are far more bona fide liberal whackos out there like Kucinich, Barney Frank, and the previously mentioned Ted Kennedy.

Tomorrow, there will be another "most liberal member of Congress", and maybe one day you will realize that by using and buying into such rhetoric you have been manipulated by the right wing media to an extent far more sinister and extreme than what you could have ever been by the so called left wing media. But I won't be putting money on that happening.
When will I learn to just keep my mouth shut?

Hopefully never. ;-)

*S.T.A.R.D.O.M.B. = Stooping To Answer Redneck Dumbasses On Message Boards

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