Thursday, November 01, 2007

"The Incident"

I haven't posted anything in a while as my hands have been a little achy and I didn't want to overdo my typing while off the job. "Need that cash to feed that jones" after all. But for my own personal journaling I wanted to write about something that recently happened to me. I will call it "The Incident".

Last weekend we had our good couple friends over, J & L I will call them. I think married people reading this can appreciate that there are some people who fall into the "couple friends" category that you treasure. These are those rare couple where you like him and she likes her, and you can spend a good time together and everybody is friends.

We are lucky to have such friends and we really love them. We hang out often and its great that I am comfortable enough to enjoy a pleasant conversation with his wife, and him with mine and we are all just good friends. I value their friendship almost enough to call it an asset.

So the other night we were just hanging out, and we all had had a few beers, and to be course I had gone to the bathroom to make room for more. It was after all Friday, and we had our "drinking pants" on. I came out and walking back into the room, being the sorta frisky guy that I am, I gave my wife a little slap and grab on the ass when I came by her standing in the hallway. Now, my head was down at the time but it only took me about two steps to come to this realization: that wasn't my wife's ass.

It wasn't really the feel of it or anything that clued me in, it was a much too quick and fleeting an experience to have resulted in a positive qualification of that fact based upon previous handling, or rather lack their of, as it happened to be. It had been after all an almost reflexive action upon an impulse that just popped into my brain at that particular moment. It was the mounting horror at the realization when I THEN remembered who had been standing in the doorway of the room that actually clued me in.

It was not my wife, it was good "couple friend" L, the esteemed Dr. L. I thought "Oh shit, J is gonna kick my ass!". But I immediately turned a very dark shade of beet red and started apologizing. I was positively and absolutely mortified by this little chain of events to be sure.

But that is the great thing about great friends, if they are worth keeping the small and casual infractions are quickly forgotten (if they are rare enough). They knew how out of character it was for me to just casually grab a woman-not-my-wife's butt and that it was totally an accident. After all, you just can't fake that freaky combination of shame, embarrassment and stupefying laughter-fit that follows such an absurd circumstance when that is the case.

I'm so glad that J & L saw it that way too. When you are married or seriously coupled, it really means something to find other couples you can relate to together. We are very blessed to have met J & L. And if I can refrain from grabbing my good friend's ass in the future, hopefully they feel the same as well.

It's just that now all of our friend's wives are on the alert that I am a molesting ass grabber and they, to their credit, are quick to bring it up, perhaps as some prophylactic measure against it happening to them. I can only assume that is the case. Such now is my bane in life.

To that end I can only say: There are much worse fates to be had. ;-)



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That is too good. What I would've given to be there!

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Blogger ChristaD said...

Funny stuff. Cool blog.

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