Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Stooping To Answer Redneck Dumbasses On Message Boards

This is what passes for excitement for me I reckon.

I had to go off on some redneck on the Murray Ledger message board. You never know with them what is going to get through and what won't (the moderator, not the thick skulled head of rednecks), so I will post it here for posterity. This particular redneck named Julie is...well, just read it:

First she says this:
I wonder if most of the Christian people considering voting for Obama have considered the fact that he was born and raised by an Atheist and a Muslim?!?! His mother did not believe in God and his step dad sent him to a Muslim school. A part of me (crazy as it may sound) wonders if he was not born and bred to assume the roll of President to totally screw our country over. When you look back at 9-11 they used our own planes to destroy us from the inside out. Why not use a person to do the same thing. Obama keeps talking about CHANGE but has nothing to say what he will do. I also have a problem with the fact that he calls himself an African American... the last time I checked I was just an AMERICAN! I think all of us should drop the Asian American, Hispanic American, and African American. Because if you are not proud to be just an AMERICAN....they should all go back to where they came from. I will not vote for anyone no matter what color of their skin if God is not their leader first and foremost. If they are pro choice, what kind of Christian does that make them? The Bible I read says Homosexuality and Murder are sins, and I won't vote for any one that does not stand for the Bible. The Bible says "if you are not for me you are against me" people need to remember that when they vote
"Homosexuality and Murder", what a pair! I might have left her alone if she also included the abominable sin of having sex with menstruating women, which I feel is the single most, least talked about sin in the Bible. Or if she'd just left it at that, but she had to continue. In response to some other voice of reason calling her out , she replied to them:
....I did search before I posted so please don't insult me. I will not vote for Obama either. When you go to his web site and it lists the church he attends if you search that church on line you will also find their mission statement where they basically swear their allegance to Africa. Also, on Obama's web site it talks about his past and he did attend Muslim school. I think everything we experience in life effects us, and I personally will not take a chance with this man. He has no experience what so ever.I hear the word change, but he says nothing about what or how he is gonna bring change about....SOMETIMES Change is not what it is cracked up to be

Yeah, change like black people getting the right to vote. I felt compelled to answer. I had had enough:
Julie, I am almost embarrassed to answer your post. But the Christ I worship has the power to redeam and bring salvation to anyone, regardless of their upbringing. While many, even on this board, have stated that they feel his conversion to Christianity was politically expedient, some have said as much about our current president, as well as many other politicians.

I can only wonder if the same part of your paranoid mind that imagines Obama was "born and bread" to destroy America from the inside out would find it more likely that the Communist brainwashed John McCain into being a Manchurian Candidate during the six years he was held in their captivity. But that would probably be harder for you to accept because McCain is a White American. McCain is also an Episcopalian, which has recently taken some positions that someone like you would probably find just as offensive as Obama's church allegedly has, but that seems to give you no pause.

Personally, I think African Americans are entitled to be called whatever they want without it being a slight to their patriotism. After all, less than a mere 50 years ago, it was usually something far less flattering, you know back when they weren't able to even vote around here? Or even have their white murderers brought to justice because the all-white juries of the time would not convict them? Ever heard of Medgar Evers? You should be proud they are claiming their American identity because not so long ago America didn't claim them. You might not belong to a culture that you can be proud of in addition to your being American, but you have absolutely no right to deny anybody else that pride, and still call yourself a freedom loving American. I notice in your list of hyphenated-Americans you only included people of different races, but left out Irish Americans and Italian Americans, both of which are groups with the same strong cultural pride of those groups you mention. I'm sure that was just a lapse in memory and not a reflection of your biases.

As for "no experience what so ever", his 8 years in the Illinois Senate and 4 years in the US Senate give him a political career 85% as long as John F. Kennedy had when he became President. In conclusion, the Bible also says among the things that the Lord hates are "a lying tongue,... a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers." For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned. It also says that too.
Wouldn't it be nice if politics was just about discussing Ideas logically, and with facts? And less about the spreading of baseless propaganda? Oh to dare to dream.

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