Monday, September 10, 2007

My Letter to the Republican Governors Association

I'm not really that enthused about the coming governor's race. I'm not sure if Fletcher is all that bad. I've even met his nephew, who looks just like him, but with a ponytail. He had nice things to say about his fairly famous uncle. But I hate hyperbolic rhetoric, which is not a good trait in someone who follows politics. So something about a mailer that I got in the mail today just got me incensed. It was from the Republican Governors Association, and it inspired me to write them a letter. Here is that letter, which I mailed tonight (yes, indeed I mailed it).

September 10, 2007

In reply to: With Steve Beshear...Nothing is Sacred Mailing
Republican Governors Association
1747 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington DC 20006

Dear Sir or Madam:
I just received your recent mailing “With Steve Beshear…Nothing is Sacred” and from what I can gather from it, it is either your organization’s wish to install a fundamentalist theocracy here in the United States or you believe that a State Attorney General has the power or obligation to ignore Supreme Court rulings. While I will concede that we might all be better off if Bush v. Gore had been ignored, in general I believe that their decisions should be followed as a matter of respect for the law.

This mailing had 288 square inches that you could have used to address the real issues that affect my life. You could have also used that space to quote the material that you supposedly source, instead of expecting anyone who desired to check your facts to shell out $13.90 to a supposedly liberally biased newspaper in order to access their archives. But instead you gave me emotional nonsense.

As for your charges, here is my opinion of them:

1) Abortion is a divisive issue, but all you Republicans seem to be able to do about it is make it harder for poor people to get them. Even with the Administration and both houses of Congress controlled by your team, you can’t get anything done about it. Why? Because people with strong beliefs will vote against their personal interests, while you make it easier for them to get fleeced by corporate greed, as long as abortion remains legal.

2) “Protecting party bosses”, do you even read the news about YOUR candidate? Or have you, like Mitch
McConnell, ignored that Governor Fletcher even existed until he won the Primary? It’s always just a partisan witch-hunt when it’s YOUR candidate.

3) Gambling expansion. As for statistics that Casino’s economic benefits are a wash when compared to their societal costs, the same could be said about payday loans and giving credit cards to people who can’t afford them. But Republicans don’t seem to be on that bandwagon yet, probably because they are too busy reading about homosexuals and the Ten Commandments in their Bibles to notice what it says about usury. My guess is that the usury lobbyists contribute more than gay lobbyists to the Republican Party.

4)“Benefits for homosexuals”. Are you saying homosexuals are not entitled to have their interests considered by elected officials? Do they not also pay taxes? Regardless of how you feel about their lifestyle being against your morals, especially when it is so politically convenient, we must be careful that in taking our moral stands we do not trample the rights of minorities. One might make the case that Mormons are apostates to the Christian faith and are following a false prophet, and regardless of their lifestyle, should not be tolerated, accepted, or condoned. That is not the America that I want to live in. Homosexual couples, to paraphrase Thomas Jefferson “neither break my leg nor pick my pocket”. I also wonder how many more closeted Republican politicians have to be scandalously exposed in airport bathrooms before you all want to stop making it a campaign issue. Some are starting to find it insincere.

While I am sure the Democratic Governors Association is equally capable of producing such blatant Goebel-lesque propaganda, I would prefer that you save the stamp and refrain from sending me such insults to my intelligence, (which I am sure the Hannity-wannabe reading this letter questions, no doubt).

My Name Went Here

Hopefully, some Hannity-Wannabe will reply some day.



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