Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Jim Bunning: Chicken Shit

The Paducah Sun had an article today saying that our half-mad Senator Jim Bunning will not be coming to this years Fancy Farm picnic because he "doesn't feel safe" down there. Puh-leease. You have got to be kidding me. In his last election he brought up this bogus issue two months after the fact, I think just as a dirty trick to try and score some cheep points in a tight race. Or perhaps, the Senator was uncomfortable being that close to the actual people he represents, and in the hot summer sun, they probably sweat a little more than the lobbyists he is used to seeing. Or perhaps, given the crowding he might have even been jostled, and that could have been a little overwhelming for a rich, pampered Senator.

Here was the response I sent to the Paducah Sun. The Courier Journal too.
It was not without some amusement that I read about Senator Bunning's reluctance to come to Fancy Farm to speak because he feared for his safety. I would think that as much as he supports sending our sons and daughters into harms way and away from their families that maybe he could suck it up enough to actually speak to a group of people that he represents that didn't sign a loyalty oath or pay a thousand dollars a plate to come listen to him. I've feared for my safety more on the streets of Washington DC more than I ever have in Fancy Farm, yet I would bet that the Senator will continue going there.

Unfortunately, until 2010, Senator Bunning will probably continue to do so, and to our very detriment.
Update: While the Courier-Journal published this letter, the Paducah Sun did not. It might be because the Paducah Sun is aligned with the Republican party tighter than anything Rupert Murdoch owns and is a tool of Big Business, but it also might have been because Ms. Cooke was on vacation or that I had an earlier draft accidentally sent out that did not include my contact information (but the later one did).

Update to Update: I was wrong. The Paducah Sun was just slow about calling me. They just called today to try and get it into tomorrow's paper, which is the day before the Fancy Farm picnic.

Update to Update of Update: I was wrong about being wrong, The Paducah Sun did NOT include it in today's paper. However the letters included were about the picnic. One in support of our lamest Senator and one critical. I guess they wanted to look fair and balanced.

Update to Update to Update of Update: I was wrong about being wrong about being wrong. They did publish it on August 4th, the day of the picnic, and my aniversary to boot.



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