Monday, April 30, 2007

Save Internet Radio!

I sent the following letter to my representative. You should do the same. Unless, of course, you are a soulless, real-music hating ClearChannel executive. I fully expect Whitfield will vote against it though. Mitch will probably tell him to go the other way. Funny thing about Republicans, if the FCC was collecting the money, they would be screaming holy hell against it. But when some big multi million dollar industry-backed front group does it, they have their hand out for a campaign contribution.

Rep. Whitfield,
I am writing to you to encourage you to support H.R. 2060, otherwise known as the "Internet Radio Equality Act". As the internet has become the last bastion of independent music, this bill will help insure that people will continue to have alternatives to the heavily promoted, over played, lowest-common-denominated tripe that is currently served over "the people's airwaves".
As it currently stands, as a result of a decision by the Copyright Royalty Board, web broadcasters must pay royalties far in excess of what satellite and broadcast media have to pay, while they target a much more selective niche of listeners who are not being served by those other media.
I would also ask that you do not fall victim to the falsehoods being spread by the most vocal opposition to this bill, SoundExchange, who is tasked with collecting these royalties. SoundExchange keeps 50% of the royalties for themselves, before the other half is split between the recording studio, performing artist and session musicians. In that light, their arguments on behalf of "the Artists" seem disengenuine at best.
Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

If he bothers to answer with any substance I will post it. But don't hold your breath.

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